Company History

Crystal Valley Sales was born out of a vision from founder and current president Charles Kline on November 1, 1990. After a 25-year tenure as vice president of sales and marketing for a major plumbing manufacturer, Charles used the strong business relationships he developed in the plumbing industry to launch his own company.

Crystal Valley Sales began as a three-person operation out of a small, rented space. It has now grown to 12 employees and relocated to a 32,000 square foot warehouse in Elkhart, Indiana.

Originally, Crystal Valley offered a singular product line, but has expanded to more than 15 additional lines from manufacturers located across the United States and international territories. Through its expansion, the company value has always remained: be a service-oriented company that is founded on relationships.

Charles credits his success to recruiting and retaining highly motivated, customer service-driven employees. He strongly believes that hard work, determination, and the ability to stay focused on the needs of his customers has led to the tremendous growth of his business.

In regards to the future of Crystal Valley Sales, Charles' current objective is to grow the company by utilizing basic business principles. He will continue to offer his customers quality products on a timely basis, at a competitive price.